There are no limits to the universal possibilities.

Claudia Habringer is a multidisciplinary artist and coach. At the age of 26 she graduated from the „Dance and Singing Studio Theater an der Wien“ in Vienna. She worked on stage for a few years to find her strength in coaching and training youth and adults in different areas. Her vibrant interest in energetic complementary healing methods led to her current job – drawing and painting resonance fields.

Art has always dominated her life as a means of expression. Whether acting, singing or dancing and now drawing and painting and sometimes writing, they all end up with a common denominator – curiosity and joy.

Her impulses to create a new work arise spontaneously. She does not do any specific research as her work has more to do with delving into the depths of the subconscious than fishing on the surface of the conscious.

Her goals as an artist are to create a breeding ground for peace and joie de vivre. She also believes that her paintings can nourish spaces depending on the subject she draws. Even if she observes world events attentively and critically, she doesn’t want to point fingers with her pictures. She doesn’t want to dig into the wound and shock people, she wants to put a plaster on it.

You will find her artworks for sale on various art sales platforms such as ARTSY  and Artland, online exhibitions or as NFT on OPENSEA. 

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