There are no limits to the universal possibilities.

I act as an instrument of my perception. Lines and colors are my language on the canvas. My drive is curiosity. There are no limits to the universal possibilities. Born 1963 in Eibiswald, Styria/Austria, 2 years of theater studies and journalism in Vienna; 4 years of training as a musical actress with stage maturity (1989) in Tanzforum Wien and Musical Theatre Studio, Theater an der Wien; Training as a specialist and behavioral trainer at the Management Academy / University of Salzburg and at the BFI Innsbruck; further training in the field of human energetics, systemic energetics, Innerwise; Choreographies for stage shows; Workshops with children, young people and adults in the areas of dance, stage, self-presentation, body language; use of theater pedagogy in the classroom; Seminars in the field of team, creativity and motivation; Language training „German as a foreign language“; Workshops in the field of expressive dance and healing dance; Individual work as a voice coach, learning coach;

Copying others has always been alien to me. I develop my own methods.

We are all connected in one or another way. With our surrounding as there is people and nature, with our ancestors, education programs, passed on or new, with the solar system and and and… I have been interested in energy fields for quite a long time now. Perception of the aura has become a part of my life. Out of curiosity I started to draw and paint what I sensed. Lines and Colors have become tools to represent space and emotion. It is always a journey starting at a dot. My focus lays upon staying in connection with the targeted field as long as the creative process lasts.

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