Claudia Habringer | in resonance

  • in resonance with Ludovico Einaudi
  • Tage der offenen Ateliers in Tirol 2022

Autor: Claudia Habringer

  • in resonance | the book

    „Painting and drawing-in resonance“ is the result of many years of experience with people and sensitive energy work. With each of her artworks Claudia embarks on a journey to the origin. It is always an adventure to make visible what you cannot see. Lines and color areas work their way out of nothing until a…

  • diversity

    A metaphor of different characters. A world that hardly excepts diversity kiss as equals eye to eye and words of separation will no longer be important.

  • my kiss collection

    Each line decides which expression ultimately wins the weight. Each line decides which expression ultimately wins the weight. The mood takes on color when the border is set. If nothing is planned, there is a chance for diversity. I could draw kissing faces endlessly. To some it is simply a colorful package of humor and to…