Claudia Habringer | in resonance

  • in resonance with Ludovico Einaudi
  • Tage der offenen Ateliers in Tirol 2022
in resonance | the book

„Painting and drawing-in resonance“ is the result of many years of experience with people and sensitive energy work.

With each of her artworks Claudia embarks on a journey to the origin. It is always an adventure to make visible what you cannot see. Lines and color areas work their way out of nothing until a bright, abstract and multicolored world finally opens up and tries to confuse the eye.

The mind rummages around for correspondences that it will rarely find. Some people claim that looking at the pictures just makes them happy. Is it that simple?

But for all the brave people who are not afraid of adventure, who want to resonate with the work when looking at it, might find themselves. Isn’t all connected somehow?

Ultimately, you could invent new stories, dream, let yourself fall into it, let it affect you, share with others. Just feel invited to follow your universe of possibilities. 

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