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I am living my art and my art is living within me.

voice in resonance


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  • my kiss collection

    Each line decides which expression ultimately wins the weight. The mood takes on color when the border is set. If nothing is planned, there is a chance for diversity. I can draw kissing faces endlessly to create the right mood and the perfect face. The simple question is, for whom? To some it is simply […]

  • see me

    I am a simple stone laying on the beach, may be I am junk waiting to be removed, or a lovely plant preserved by drying. Have a look and see the sculpture in it

  • shirts of joy

    REDESIGNED ARTWORKS OF RESONANCES ON FABRIC when I love my art, it loves me back when I love my shirt it LIFTS ME UP

  • NY, NY

    Start spreading the newsI’m leaving todayI want to be a part of itNew York, New York…… In NY with Artbox Projects

  • the book in E

    feel free to leaf through

  • my center of the universe

    Everything that is, everything that exists, came from the invisible. What you can see and touch is just the end of a longer process before. „In resonance with the center of the universe“ felt like a calling. „Try me, draw me!“ I am neither a physician nor an astrophysicist to tell what the center of […]

  • art?

    Galleries, books, 2D, 3D, online and physical, or physically in Metaverse, or has anyone thought of “in one self”? …I’m curious about 7D though. Maybe in a decade? There are many different bubbles of reality and vision, and sometimes they may collide more often than we think. We might focus on our reality, that our […]

  • the window/IMST

    Meine Gedanken kreisen um ein Schaufenster. Wie lege ich es an? SCHAUEN und SEHEN sind die Hauptakteure. Wer schaut wohin? Was will ich sehen? Was sehe ich nicht? Denken wir erst und sehen dann? Was sehen wir, wenn wir umdenken? Ist umdenken überhaupt notwendig? Wie rasch sind wir im Umdenken, und was passiert, wenn wir […]

  • the magazine | issue 1

    let´s look deeper into the process https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/2278980https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/2278980

  • TOA-Tirol

    Tage der Offenen Ateliers in Tirol 25.06.22-26.06.22 Es waren heiße Tage!