Claudia Habringer | in resonance

  • in resonance with Ludovico Einaudi
  • Tage der offenen Ateliers in Tirol 2022
my center of the universe

Everything that is, everything that exists, came from the invisible. What you can see and touch is just the end of a longer process before.

„In resonance with the center of the universe“ felt like a calling. „Try me, draw me!“ I am neither a physician nor an astrophysicist to tell what the center of the universe is all about. I simply tried to reach out with my senses.

I rarely work on the canvas from multiple sides, but an inner voice called for it. Now it got interesting when you switch sides and flip the image while viewing. What at first seems like a journey into space then becomes strangely threatening.

Whatever you see or perceive is of course up to you. However, I was mesmerized by the snaking silver lines that seem so strangely drawn into the darkness. I sat in front of the finished artwork to find out why they existed. They almost screamed the answer into my inner ear. „We are the matrix. Without us nothing happens. We are first!“

Is that the answer of „How do things come to existence? and…Can we materialize with our thoughts?“

The OLD the NEW and the MATRIX. The base is the old, the to come represented by the new, and the matrix is the creator of existence. What happens if you flip it? Does it change the character? Or is all just an illusion?

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