Galleries, books, 2D, 3D, online and physical, or physically in Metaverse, or has anyone thought of “in one self”? …I’m curious about 7D though. Maybe in a decade?

There are many different bubbles of reality and vision, and sometimes they may collide more often than we think. We might focus on our reality, that our world is the right one, and by doing so, we find our bubble rising. Uuuahhh. What a roller coaster. But that’s totally human, isn’t it? „I’m right, you’re wrong.“ Eduard de Bono’s book on lateral thinking is quite old. We have learned?. silence here?

What is art?! Is it a summary of master classes? Or courage to urinate on canvas? Is it hidden therapy for battered souls or a mirror of error and chance. Is it a language for the subconscious to talk about the unspoken, the unspeakable, or the pain of the world? Or is it perhaps a well thought out technique to depict a personal reality when in general there isn’t one? Maybe also a way to paint animal blood on a canvas and that quite legally. Well…’s a never ending story, isn’t it?

However, this story has a lot of variety. And yes, I love this story because it shows our diversity as human beings. There is no right and no wrong. We are who we are. If we choose to copy, so be it. If we’re trying to invent something new, we should do it. If we’re looking for fulfillment, so much the better. If we love what we do no matter what others tell us, we should keep going.

Is it about sales? Yes it also is, if we decide to do it for a living.

Art is about fulfillment. If it makes you shine, then love it even more.
Art is about you. Look at your creation and love it even if it’s not perfect, hopefully we never really are. For me, perfection is the end of the story.
Art is supposed to be a door to the hall of criticism and humor might be the key.
Art can be about peace when we become peace ourselves.

Is art art?

Now what is art?

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